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Wedding Poetry Packages

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Beautiful wedding poetry for your special day

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Brides and grooms plan for their wedding months or even years in advance and want to make sure their special day will stand out from the rest.

Sometimes when choosing from an assortment of very typical vows or readings, neither bride or groom will feel truly represented by them as much as they feel they should on their special day. The same goes for generic vows or readings written in verse as well. You want your wedding to reflect the special love that you feel and sometimes ‘off the peg’ wording just doesn’t fit the romantic story of your relationship.

Tailored wedding poetry packages

We, at Rhymes For Times, understand that every wedding is a unique love story, and what better way to encapsulate and elevate these stories than through the art of bespoke poetry? We specialise in crafting personalised poems that bring forth the emotions, memories, and promises shared between couples on their special day, and we thoughtfully create tailored wedding poetry packages to enhance various elements of the wedding experience, ensuring that every moment is bound with poetic beauty.

Our wedding poetry packages include:

  • Ceremony Poems: Tailored verses that can be seamlessly integrated into the wedding ceremony as a reading or to enhance the vows, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.
  • Speeches and Toasts: Personalised poems for heartfelt speeches and toasts, adding a touch of eloquence and emotion to these significant moments.
  • Invitation Verses: Customised poems that set the tone for the celebration, creating anticipation and excitement for the upcoming nuptials.
  • Table Decor and Favours: Unique and charming poems that can be incorporated into table centrepieces, favours, or any other decor element, creating a cohesive and enchanting theme.
  • Gift for the happy couple:  A personalised wedding poem makes a unique gift for the happy couple and will be cherished for years to come as a memory of a very special day.

Smooth Process

As your wedding arrangements progress, you will find yourselves having lots of discussions with planners, celebrants, caterers etc. so we make the wedding poem planning process as easy as possible for you and will work with you until we have created perfect poetry together!

Many Congratulations and a Very Happy Wedding Day from Rhymes for Times!

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