Rhymes For Times founder, Clive, talks about his passion for poetry and how a bespoke poem or poetry recital, could be the perfect choice for your special occasion!


Unique and bespoke poems from a published poet

Rhymes For Times is the brainchild of Clive Saffron – a published poet who loves the written word and the joy that poetry brings to people’s lives. Clive crafts fully personalised, bespoke rhyming poetry and speeches and a huge amount of thought and attention are given to each and every poem or speech that he writes. Commission your poem from Rhymes For Times and you will be absolutely delighted with the result.


“It is a highly satisfying feeling to arouse people’s emotions with my poetry and make them laugh and cry and put smiles on their faces!”


Poem writing service for any occasion

Are you struggling to find the right words?

Clive writes poetry and speeches for all sorts of celebrations and special occasions. His poems have been commissioned for hen parties and weddings, important anniversaries, birthdays, retirements, funerals, and almost any other milestone that you can think of. He also crafts bespoke rhyming text and poetry for business requirements – either for written materials or corporate events.

“My aim is to create poetry which touches the hearts of those who read it and allows them to connect with the deeper meaning of the words. If you need special words for a special occasion, I am at your service.”     


Poetry Perfection

The right words for any occasion

Words of joy to bring laughter and cheer,
Words to encourage, to alleviate fear,
Words of love to bring sunshine and light,
Words to restore faith, to heal and unite.

Words of comfort to bring fresh hope,
Words to give strength, to help one cope,
Words of sympathy to bring consolation,
Words to empower, to ignite inspiration.



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