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Funeral and Memorial Poems

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Funeral and Memorial Poems

Our lives are made up of greetings and goodbyes – and, when it comes to saying farewell to those we love the most, finding the right words can be difficult. After all, how can you eloquently express everything that they meant to you, in just a few words?

When asked to speak at the funeral or memorial of a dearly departed friend or family member, some are lucky enough to feel able to write their eulogies. Others, lost for words, face an exhausting search for a reading, one which strikes the perfect balance of being affectionate, moving, uplifting, and original, yet still respectful.

In such hard times comes Rhymes For Times to help you with a customised poem that reflects your memories, and expresses your emotions in a thoughtful yet heartfelt way.

A Unique Poetry Dedication

Grieving is an exceptionally difficult time for us and amidst planning for the funeral, you want to find something to say during the service that will, in some small way, express your love for your beloved. A poem that will capture their essence. Not the typical, generic lines of poetry.

Allow me to assist you in creating a unique poem of love and memories dedicated to your loved one.

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