Funeral and Memorial Poetry

At Rhymes For Times I love to compose heartfelt poetry for all sorts of circumstances and occasions, from romantic poetry to wedding, birthday and funeral poems. Poetry is a great medium for converting feelings into words, and a perfectly performed poem is the ideal way to bring those words to life on special occasions when we may feel tongue tied ourselves!

That is why I offer a unique service where I will both write and recite your bespoke poem. You will benefit from my talent with the written (and rhyming) word combined with expert delivery by a published and passionate poet.

I would be honoured to attend your event anywhere in the UK – whether you are in Lands End or John O’Groats for a fixed price*. For the same price, I will also be more than happy to travel to any location overseas.

It will be my pleasure to add a personalised and bespoke touch to your special event – whatever the occasion.

*Plus travel and accommodation expenses as applicable.

Words of Comfort

Poetry can offer words of comfort and support when coping with loss. A beautiful piece of dedicated poetry can also provide a loving tribute.

If you’d like to discuss the perfect tribute to a loved one in the form of a written poem, please contact me at

bespoke memorial poetry

A Unique Poetry Dedication

Grieving is an exceptionally difficult time for us and amidst planning for the funeral, you want to find something to say during the service that will, in some small way, express your love for your beloved. A poem that will capture their essence. Not the typical, generic lines of poetry.

Allow me to assist you in creating a unique poem of love and memories dedicated to your loved one.

funeral poetry