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Example Poems

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A poem on mother’s birthday

Over the sands of time you’ve travelled.
Across the ocean of life you’ve sailed.
Through the fog of daily worries,
Your unfailing love’s prevailed.

Your light shines from within,
Brighter than the heavenly sky.
The fire in your soul’s unquenched,
The flames one can’t deny.

Don’t measure your life in years
Nor by the number of breaths you take,
For we’re blessed by your resounding wisdom
And the memories you continue to make.

In your footsteps I wish to tread,
I want to grow in your direction,
To mirror your warmth and kindness,
Your honesty, integrity and affection.

Your life is truly remarkable,
A lasting legacy you’ll surely bestow.
Let’s joyfully sing your melody
And forever bask in your glow.

Although you’ve entered your twilight years,
So much you’ve done is unsung,
But in your heart, for all eternity,
May you be strong, radiant and young.


Hen Party

Hen Party

A poem for a hen party

To the blushing bride to be,
This rite of passage you’ll not be spared.
Let your hair down, be wild and free,
Allow your tales and secrets to be bared.

Not designed for hearts too weak,
This night’s when us girls misbehave.
In our tutus, fairy wings and pink feather boas,
We’ll paint the town red and rave.

We’re like one dysfunctional family,
But we’ll bond and shout tonight.
Cocktails and Prosecco will flow freely,
As we dance the “Macarena” ‘til morning light.

We’ll have a blast and be merry,
For girls just want to have fun.
Adorned with “L” plates, you won’t stay sober
And your makeup will inevitably run.

On this, your last night of freedom,
It’s your final fling before the wedding ring.
Your head may be sore tomorrow,
But, oh, the stories these walls could sing!

Remember this night always,
With all your girlfriends at your side,
For you’ll soon tie the knot and be married
And embark on a magical ride.




A poem to celebrate a marriage

Your tender words of affection speak to my heart
In our very own world where we are one.
The vows we’re soon to make will live on
And my life will be yours, for yours is my sun.

With hearts joined forever from this day forward,
Together we’ll be ’til heaven and earth entwine.
Our hands will be clasped in friendship always
And, through each tomorrow, our love will shine.

My feelings for you pour from within,
Constantly rippling like an everflowing stream.
I live to adore you day after day and always,
As I walk beside you and when I dream.

With a smile, I’ll chase away your tears of sorrow
And promise my devotion and a love that’s ever true.
You’ll feel no rain or cold, for I’ll be your shelter
And surrender all of my life completely to you.

I’ll hold you and keep you warm against my chest,
With the music from inside us heard only by the sky.
Sharing our days and nights together always,
Our bond of marriage will strengthen and never die.

I’ll be there for you eternally and unconditionally,
Whilst your soul sings to mine without a word spoken.
For the foundation of our marriage lies deep within,
Where the bond of true love lives unbroken.




A poem for a celebration of life

You’ve crossed over the clouds to the other shore,
But inside my heart your memory will survive.
Never will you be forgotten, for within me you’ll stay;
For all eternity, your spirit will remain alive.

Though I can’t touch you, I feel your strength
And your love surrounds me like the air you once breathed.
I know you’ll be with me always, walking by my side;
In the glowing light from your soul I’ll be wreathed.

With eyes as bright as sunrays falling on a stream,
You come to me in the silence of the night.
In my dreams, I sense the touch of your hand
And the warmth of you holding me tight.

Your light will continue to shine endlessly;
Forever your love will be my guide.
Never will it rain with you watching over me,
Nor will shadows be cast or darkness reside.

To hear your voice and laughter, I listen to my heart,
For I’ll carry you inside ’til my final breath of air.
Through each sunrise and sunset and all my tomorrows,
Wrap me in your wings so there’ll be no loss to bear.

Someday I’ll see you again in that place of peace,
Where the sun shines brighter than I’ve ever known.
Until then, the warmth of your love will consume me,
For you’re a part of me; I’m not forsaken or alone.


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