A unique poem to mark your special birthday or anniversary

At Rhymes for Times I am absolutely delighted to compose poems for any occasion, but creating bespoke verse for birthdays and anniversaries is one of my most popular services. Finding a different way to mark a milestone birthday or anniversary, or indeed any special time in our lives can be a wonderful way to express our love for our nearest and dearest.

Birthdays and anniversaries are important rites of passage and provide a great opportunity to pause and take stock of how far we have come in life, and count our blessings. We can be proud that we have overcome difficult times, or revel in the progress of our children, or give thanks that we have survived and thrived in our happy marriage for another year, five years, ten or twenty five years!

Although jewellery and other keepsakes make nice gifts, nothing can beat the thrill of completely unique words – written just for you, and crafted to reflect your specific life experiences.

bespoke birthday poems and anniversary poems from Rhymes for Times

Bespoke birthday poems

As we move through adulthood we don’t always relish the prospect of our next birthday! BUT at the same time it is important to embrace and celebrate special birthdays and to join together with friends and family to acknowledge that we are another year older and wiser.

As we age, many of us do genuinely have everything that we materially need or want, so finding a special gift can be really tough at times. What better way to mark a birthday than with a bespoke poem – written just for a special person’s milestone and composed to reflect their lives and unique experiences.

I will write the perfect poem including lots of personal details – when the birthday celebrant was born, the season, key events in their lives, their family and friends and special experiences.

A bespoke birthday poem is an ideal gift for a baby’s birth, 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th birthday or how about a poem for a special centenarian to celebrate a momentous 100th birthday?

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bespoke birthday poems for your nearest and dearest

Anniversary poems

Did you know that the traditional modern gift for a 46th wedding anniversary is poetry? Well, you don’t have to wait 46 years because a bespoke poem makes the perfect gift for any sort of relationship or wedding anniversary. These are the special occasions when we want to show our partner or spouse how much we care about them, which we might not always do on a daily basis, if we are honest!

A bespoke poem makes a lovely gift for an engagement or wedding and is the perfect way to mark any relationship anniversary after that. We find that our customers particularly like to celebrate some of the most special anniversaries, why buy wood for your 5th, tin for your 10th or silver for your 25th when you could commission a unique and personally penned poem instead?

Don’t forget that my expert service means that I can write poetry for any special occasion or anniversary – including the more obscure. Ten years in your job. Fifteen years as a best friend – sometimes these less common anniversaries are very important to us but can be difficult to find a gift for.

A unique poem which is written specifically to mark your very own anniversary is a great way to make it special.

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Bespoke birthday poems make the ideal gift